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Composing for Plays

As well as writing for musical theatre, Sam also composes and creates sound design for plays. 

'Rat King' Written by Bram Davidovich, Dir. Mark Hilton, Music by Sam Hall

'God On High' Written by Rhoda Dell, Dir. Karen Rabinowitz, Music by Sam Hall

'Soap Opera The Play' Written and directed by Jamie Alexander Wilson, Music by Sam Hall

Rat King Review

'Special mention here must go to composer Sam Hall who created the original soundtrack for Rat King. It is brilliant, all the way through - a consistent and imaginative soundtrack to match the dramatic story as it unfolds.

I was particularly impressed by the timing of the delivery with elements of the background music; it was tight and must have taken significant consideration.'

All That Dazzles ****

Arrangements & Orchestrations

As well as orchestrating and arranging all his own work, Sam has also worked as a professional arranger and orchestrator for other artists including Andrew Lloyd Webber, Kerry Andrew (London Philharmonic Orchestra RFH & The Southbank Sinfonia BBC Proms), Lee Mead (10 Year Anniversary Album), Emma Hatton, Aimie Atkinson, Ayanna Witter-Johnson and many more.

Sam recently orchestrated a new production of 'Moonlanding' by Stephen Edwards.

Composing for Dance

Beautiful Berry Head to stage new and exceptional live dance | The Shorely

Beautiful Berry Head to stage new and exceptional live dance | The Shorely

"The real thing that draws me back to this place and makes me feel happy about living here now is my access to the sea, my access to really beautiful quiet places, which is fundamentally what we're trying to explore with this work. I'm a very content driven choreographer, so I like to make material and I like to movement, and then I look for an emotional arch and story to that work over the top of that. So, the movement language I play with takes influences from classical ballet, it takes influences from contemporary dance and improvisation... and has its' own signature and aesthetic, which is more my habitual way of moving and the way that my dancers meet, I take as much information from them as they take from me, so it's a very collaborative process. It's a very full bodied, physically driven (dance) vocabulary. A highlight of my career and practise so far, has really been kind of from the artists I work with. It has been the same with the collaborators I work with as well, from Composers like Samuel Hall to Dramaturg Neus Gil Cortes. I have a really fantastic group of dancers, that I feel very emotionally and artistically connected to. We've grown together which has made certain creations a real highlight. One of them was 'At the end, we begin' which was at Studio Wayne McGregor in the Olympic Park, which went on for about 40 shows across the UK in the last few years. And the other one is our most recent creation 'Still Touch', which was commissioned by Royal Opera House for Open Up Festival in 2018. It tends to be creations that I've made with that ensemble which really I see as highlights. I think Eyeview's programme and their principals are how I want to work as an artist. I'm making a work called 'Silence Between Waves' which will be a collaboration between myself and three really exceptional Singaporean dancers, who I've worked with in my throughout South East Asia as a Choreographer, and I'm really fascinated in matching their skills with a large community cast in Torbay. Our real drive about this is that we want to engage with a large cast who have any experience of dance in their bodies. Maybe they haven't before, maybe they have, but if you can move, we want you here. I really want this work to kind of link the feeling of being far away and bing at home, and what connects us with our relationship to the sea. The work itself is going to really drive off the idea of quietness and striving for a sense of peace and security on the coastline. I'm really excited during my process to be returning to collaborate with Composer, Samuel Hall, who will be making a soundscape for the work, which will be lots of different local people's voices and our hope is that we get them to experience being on the Bay and describing what they hear and using that as a real driving force in the piece's score, so people really hear their own words used in the piece and their own sense of being local. What I really want is for the presence of the Singaporean dancers to match with those local voices to show a real sense of internationalism, where there's celebrating our sense of local beauty as well. I really want people to be intrigued and excited by this kind of work happening in Torbay and this kind of work happening in this very special place (Berry Head) to lot of people. And then I really want the experience to be kind of sold by their journey onto the space that we're performing, I really want them to walk and see the beautiful surrounding landscape before watching some really exceptional live dance." - Richard Chappell, Choreographer and Dancer Silence Between Waves | Richard Chappell Dance is part of the 10-day Eyeview (extra)ordinary programme from the 7-16 June 2019. Free to visit. Everyone welcome. The Silence Between Waves dance performance will take place on Sunday, June 9, 2019, 3:30 PM 4:30 PM at the Napoleonic Fort, Berry Head National Nature Reserve Brixham TQ5 9AP. No booking required. Performances are free. Bring your friends and family, the more the merrier! More info:
At the end we begin - RCD Rehearsal Trailer

At the end we begin - RCD Rehearsal Trailer

Taking inspiration from T.S. Eliot's classic Four Quartet's Burnt Norton, East Coker, The Dry Salvages and Little Gidding, internationally renowned British choreographer Richard Chappell presents his new evening of work At the end we begin. Using the notions of time and focus as a point of departure, the piece inhabits the derelict and sometimes turbulent landscape of Eliot's poetry through both a sensitive and aggressive dance expression. Stemming from his experiences of classical ballet, contemporary dance, martial arts and improvisation, Richard's powerful and full bodied choreographic language will be combined with composer Samuel Hall's score, costume designer Hannah Taylor and dramaturgy by Neus Gil Cortes to create a thrilling and arresting response to Eliot's timeless poetry. TOUR DATES: PLYMOUTH: 5th May TORBAY: 6th May POOLE: 13th May LONDON: 3rd June SWINDON: 9th June BOOKING LINKS: Choreographer and dancer: Richard Chappell Composer: Samuel Hall Dramaturg: Neus Gil Cortes Dancers: Rob Anderson, Iris Borras Anglada, Faye Stoeser Costume Designer: Hannah Taylor Filmed By: Ben Radford Edited By: Faye Tan At the end we begin will be developed during a five week residency in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park at the newly opened Studio Wayne McGregor, through the company's first FreeSpace Program. The creation and touring of At the end we begin has been funded by Arts Council England, The Linbury Trust, Pavilion Dance South West and was first commissioned by Dancin' Oxford with support from The Pegasus Theatre. The project has been supported by Studio Wayne McGregor, Swindon Dance, Dance in Devon, Plymouth Dance, National Dance Company Wales, Dance City, Arts at Dartington and The Point.

As well as his work in musical theatre, Sam has also had various opportunities to write for dancers, most notably with the Richard Chappell Dance Company. Still Touch 2019Silence Between Waves 2019At the End we Begin 2017. Sam has also worked for the Royal Opera House Covent Garden as a creative dance pianist.

Musical Director & Musician

Sam has also worked as a Musical Supervisor, Musical Director and Musician for various West End and World Wide Productions, including The Bodyguard (UK Tour), School of Rock (New London Theatre, South Korea, China Tour and UK Tour), Everybody's Talking About Jamie (UK Tour), Spongebob Live On Stage (for Nickelodeon), Waitress (Dep Adelphi Theatre & UK Tour), Thriller (Dep Lyric Theatre), Roles We'll Never Play (Union Theatre), Untapped (Union Theatre) and Sevenoaks, Gravesend, Dunstable and Weymouth Panto. 

Sam plays Piano, Hammond Organ, Guitar, Cello, Bass, Drum Kit, Saxophones, Ukelele and Mandolin.

Big Band Composing

'I've Moved On' for Big Band and Strings Feat. Damon Oliver - Written and Recorded 2020

'You're Not The Same' for Big Band and Strings Feat. Tom Gardner, Nick Fitch & Will Riby - Written and Recorded 2020


You Are Wolf - 'Drowndown'

The third track from You Are Wolf's second album, Keld (Firecrest Records). BUY HERE

Kerry Andrew - Vocals

Sam Hall - Bass/Cello/Vocals

Pete Ashwell - Percussion/Vocals

Video by Sammy-Jo Tawn

TORVA - 'Depressed'

Indie-Rock 3 piece from Kent.

Sam Hall - Guitar/Synth/Vocals

Jack Coleman - Bass/Vocals

Will Riby - Drums/Vocals

Video by Simon Cossons

Shots At The Dragon - Self Titled EP

Hip Hop Duo Kanwar Crosse & Sam Hall 

Hailing from a sleepy town in Kent, Shots At The Dragon’s motley düo met in the early noughties with a soundtrack of already classic 90’s hip hop beats scoring their time together.

Inspired by decades of stateside funk and drawls, as well as the ancient backdrop of their hometown, the two have set out on a musical quest to stand alongside their idols in the Pantheon of Hip Hop.


Their first, self-titled, EP is an aurally epic chronicle of their journey and provides an eclectic array of beats that pay respect to the works of the old guard but not without allowing ‘SATD’ to firmly establish their own unique sound.

A new podcast exploring the technicailites of writing musical theatre. 

Created and hosted by Sam Hall, he talks to some of the most exciting composers, lyricists and theatre-makers about all things writing - lyrics, melody, harmony, orchestration, dramaturgy and much more.

Available on Spotify, Apple and Amazon Podcasts


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