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On The Edge

A New Musical

James is about to jump in front of a train. His life is falling apart and he is out of choices. 


At the last moment he is stopped by Linda, a passing stranger walking her dog. James opens up to her about the past ten months leading to his moment on the edge.


This piece is a personal one. In January 2020, one of my best friends wrote a suicide note. Luckily, he confided in myself and others before it was too late, but the thought of losing him affected me greatly, and hugely inspired this tale of someone who, quite literally, loses everything.


On The Edge is a musical about the fear of being alone, the wonders of hindsight, and the consequences of self destruction while celebrating the power of listening to those who silently cry for help. 

On The Edge

On The Edge

Workshop at the Union Theatre May 2021 - Dir. Patrick O'Neill

Photos by Charlie Lyne

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