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Two Sisters  (currently in development)

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The story is based on an ancient folk song of the same name which tells of two sisters, the elder jealous of the younger, who is much more talented AND has caught the eye of a handsome neighbour... Despite the elder sister's efforts to try and woo him, it's clear there is more chemistry between the younger sister and him.

On a stormy night, with her blood boiling, the elder sister pushes the younger into the nearby river, where she drowns. Her body eventually washes up to the bank and is found by a strange old inventor who lives in exile on the outskirts of the town and is nursing his own secrets.


He takes the girl's body and decides to give it new life once more, in his own strange and twisted way...Woven throughout are melodic yet idiosyncratic folk songs written by Sam Hall, (akin to Sam Amidon and Seth Lakeman with a hint of Stephen Sondheim) brought to life by seven incredible actor-musicians.

On The Edge - 2020

A New Musical

'He's So Different' from On The Edge, a new musical with music, book and lyrics by Sam Hall, directed by Patrick O'Neill.

Months into her relationship with James, Jess laments how he has changed.

Jess - Kayleigh McKnight

James - Harry Bradley


Orchestrations - Sam Hall

Piano, Bass & Guitar - Sam Hall


Violin - Tom Crofton-Green

Filmed and Edited by Simon Cossons.

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James is about to jump in front of a train. His life is falling apart and he is out of choices. 


At the last moment he is stopped by Linda, a passing stranger walking her dog. James opens up to her about the past ten months leading to his moment on the edge.


This piece is a personal one. In January 2020, one of my best friends wrote a suicide note. Luckily, he confided in myself and others before it was too late, but the thought of losing him affected me greatly, and hugely inspired this tale of someone who, quite literally, loses everything.


On The Edge is a musical about the fear of being alone, the wonders of hindsight, and the consequences of self destruction while celebrating the power of listening to those who silently cry for help. 

FLASH - 2021

A Hollywood Musical

When Sam caught COVID19 in 2020 (luckily with no serious symptoms), comic actor and writer Ant Payne challenged Sam to write a new musical in his time off. Together they ended up writing six fully written and orchestrated songs in six days, and since then they haven't stopped.


Their new musical 'FLASH' is about a photographer in the 1930s who moves to Hollywood to work on the silver screen, but unsurprisingly, it's not all it's cracked up to be... 


The music has a 'classic Hollywood' feel to it, with nostalgia and dream sequences taking a front seat. Sam and Ant have their eyes set on turning it into a full feature film, and pick up where Singing in the Rain left off.

'Love or Fame' - Music, Lyrics & Orchestrations by Sam Hall

'Betty has a difficult decision to make, does she follow her dreams of being a movie star or sacrifice it all to be with her new found love?'

Betty - Jade Davies

Video filmed and edited by Simon Cossons



Flute - David Ruff

Clarinet - Joe Atkin-Reeves

Bassoon - Rachel Hurst

Horn - Tom Bettley

Trumpet - William Smith

Violins - Elizaveta Saul, Tom Crofton-Green & Auguste E. Janonyte

Violas - Auguste E. Janonyte, Ellie Waddington & Peter Fenech

Cellos - Maddie Cutter & Roland Palmer

Double Bass - Ollie Copeland

Special thanks to the Hazlitt Theatre Maidstone, Laura Joely Regan & Debbi Parks

'Gotta Get Out' - Music, Lyrics & Orchestrations by Sam Hall

'Billy, a frustrated photographer, is fed up of his hectic New York life and decides to move to Hollywood to follow his dreams and work in film.'

Billy - Cameron Sharp

Alto Sax 1 - Jonny Vaux

Alto Sax 2 - Joe Atkin-Reeves

Tenor Sax - Dave Ruff

Baritone Sax - Steph Frankland Trumpet 1 - Will Smith

Trumpet 2 - Tom Gardner

Trumpet 3 - Paul Mitchell Trombones - Graeme Boyd

Violin - Elizaveta Saul

Violin - Tom Crofton-Green

Piano - Ben Holder

Bass - Dan Hall

Percussion - Owen Williams

Drum Kit - Dave Stewart


Video design by Laura Joely Regan 

'I Wanna Be An Artist' - Music, Lyrics and Orchestrations by Sam Hall

The Opening number of 'FLASH' - Billy finds a new passion.

Billy - Joel Montague

Video animated by Simon Cossons

Woodwind - Joe Atkin-Reeves

Trumpets - William Smith

Trombones - Graeme Boyd

Drums - Will Riby

The Ultimate Sacrifice 2021

A Folk Musical

'The Ultimate Sacrifice' - a folk musical with Music, Lyrics and Orchestrations by Sam Hall


Jim - David Fynn

Daisy - Laura Joely Regan

Tom - Benjamin Stratton

Fred - Stephen Leask

Drunk Pub Man - Ant Payne


Guitar, Cello, Mandolin and Bass - Sam Hall


Drums and Percussion - Andy McGlasson

'The Ultimate Sacrifice' is a folk musical about the lives of four people over a week in a tiny fishing town in Kent. Jim, a kind lifeboatman, Daisy, a frustrated barmaid, Tom, an angry fisherman and Fred, a dimwitted banker. The stories intertwine and create an exciting tale of romance, betrayal and life-saving acts out at sea. The story is inspired by my own family history being from a long line of fisherman, sailors and lifeboatman.

Smoke - 2018

1860s South London

'Oh Where Are You Going To?' Feat. Ben Stratton

'Who Can Stop It But Me?' Feat. Emma Salvo & Lawrence Smith

Smoke - Book & Lyrics by Darren Rapier, with music by Sam Hall was chosen to be part of Katy Lipson's From Page to Stage workshop and showcase at the Southwark Playhouse in September 2018, directed by Bronagh Lagan, musical direction by Marcus Adams, and featuring performers Rosemary Ashe, Lawrence Smith, Adam Linstead, David Bardsley, Emma Salvo, Simbi Aktande, Will Carey and Benjamin Stratton.

'Although set in 1860s London, Smoke deals with contemporary issues about development and ‘progress’, asking the question ‘Where Are You [We] Going to?’

Mrs Mill and her family’s life is turned upside-down, when the railway company arrives telling her she will have to sell her house to aid the ‘Improvements’ happening in Southwark, where vast working-class areas are being demolished. Her daughter Eleanor decides to stand up to the developers, as the family struggle to hold on to their way of life, against the relentless building and destruction around them.'

Viking - 2017

An Epic Musical

'VIKING' - Book & Lyrics by Kanwar Crosse, Music & Additional Lyrics by Sam Hall. VIKING  is an incredibly exciting and epic tale focusing on themes of identity, set in the dramatic and thrilling society of the ‘Viking’ people.

VIKING whilst completely fictional, incorporates lots of the social and historical practices of these people, with a side helping of magic, mythology and a splash of pillaging, betrayal and murder, (after all, these are Vikings we’re talking about!).

Our story begins by the telling of a prophesy; that the King and Queen’s offspring will bring and end to the impending darkness haunting their world, and save all mankind! Nine months later, the Queen gives birth to a beautiful son, Bjorn, and the townsfolk rejoice. But suddenly, another child is born, a girl, Freya.

As they grow older, it is clear that King Magnus favours his son and believes that he is the child destined to save their land. However, Freya grows up to be strong, adventurous and feisty, whilst Bjorn, a more gentle soul, not keen on fighting like his sister, preoccupies himself with eating and resting.


As the story progresses, it is clear that Ragnarok (the viking apocalypse) is drawing in. Freya and Bjorn battle enemy clans, monsters, draugrs (viking zombies) and even a God! Our story finishes with the realisation that the prophecy referred to both of them, working together as brother and sister, and bringing peace to their world. 

Sam and Kanwar ran an act one workshop in Rochester in 2018.

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