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The story is based on an ancient folk song of the same name which tells of two sisters, the elder jealous of the younger, who is much more talented AND has caught the eye of a handsome neighbour... Despite the elder sister's efforts to try and woo him, it's clear there is more chemistry between the younger sister and him.

On a stormy night, with her blood boiling, the elder sister pushes the younger into the nearby river, where she drowns. Her body eventually washes up to the bank and is found by a strange old inventor who lives in exile on the outskirts of the town and is nursing his own secrets. He takes the girl's body and decides to give it new life once more, in his own strange and twisted way...

Woven throughout are melodic yet idiosyncratic folk songs written by Sam Hall, (akin to Sam Amidon and Seth Lakeman with a hint of Stephen Sondheim) brought to life by seven incredible actor-musicians.


Copyright @ Sam Hall 2024

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